£99 IT Assessment

Network That Work is pleased to offer a £99 IT Assessment of your business technology systems. This offer is subject to your business using a minimum number of computers, and is provided only for business owners and executive management.

Whenever we start working with a new client, we find that the management team seeks a clear and concise understanding of the issues facing the IT infrastructure and its support personnel, and require an accurate assessment of the total costs involved in meeting business technology needs.

The Assessment Concept

Network That Work’s Assessment approach starts with a series of essential investigative tasks which will highlight:

  • The current state of your current IT infrastructure
  • Any critical issues which should be addressed immediately
  • How and if the company’s IT systems are ideally suited to its business needs
  • Whether the firm’s support staff are tasked with duties appropriate to their individual capabilities.
  • The total costs

The Networks That Work Assessment provides your business management team with an opportunity to harness our in-depth business and technical expertise to deliver third-party scrutiny of your current environment. Our bottom-line goal with our clients is always to help them save or earn money by leveraging available technologies in the best possible way.

Key Deliverables of the £99 Assessment

The overall deliverable or the assessment process is a comprehensive report generated through close cooperation with the management and IT teams. The report will document and encompasses the following areas:

  • Critical issues which can dramatically impact upon system/data availability or recovery and recommendations for their resolution
  • Suggestions for system redesign/reconfiguration/upgrade measures which can improve business productivity
  • Data distribution and file server analysis and management recommendations
  • General network security problems and recommendations for their resolution
  • Precise and up-to-date diagrams of the computing infrastructure
  • Recommendations for each Windows-based server
  • Active Directory health and performance analysis with recommendations for any necessary reconfiguration
  • Report on individual IT department support team members, including recommended training, re-assignment or replacement.
  • Overall management, maintenance, and support strategies.