Engineering & design

Firms in this sector often have more than one office. For these companies we have provided a robust network that provides a single set of company data available in all offices and to people working from home. Techniques for doing this include remote access to office systems via Terminal Services and data synchronisation between offices. Having data synchronised between offices enables people to do graphics-intensive work on large files because the data is stored locally. The integration of offices helps to build a single team, no matter where they are.

Having e-mail available on the move is important to businesses in this sector, so they can be more responsive to their clients. We have provided e-mail integration to Blackberry, iPhone and Windows Mobile phones.

Many projects generate large quantities of data, so data and e-mail management is important. Without data management your data storage costs keep rising and your operations become less efficient. We have created archiving systems that are effective, easy to operate and securely backed up.

Many design companies operate a mixed environment of Macs and PCs. We can support both, and integrate Macs and PCs into the same network.